Life Insurance for Non-Japanese Nationals

We often receive inquiries from non-Japanese nationals who are interested in knowing if they can enroll in Japanese life insurance, but are not sure who to ask.
To enroll in Japanese life insurance, there are three conditions that are necessary, although they may vary slightly depending on the insurance company:

  1. The individual must reside in Japan and have the intention to reside permanently in Japan;
  2. The individual must be able to communicate effectively;
  3. The individual must have a Japanese bank account and be able to demonstrate that they can make premium payments and receive insurance payouts properly.

    Firstly, why not consult with a financial strategy consultant who is knowledgeable about life insurance? We will listen to your story and propose the optimal solution for you.

    If your company is a Japanese corporation, we can also propose financial strategies and employee benefits utilizing insurance. Please feel free to consult with us about deficit countermeasures as well.

    If you are a real estate investor, you can check the situation regarding loans when inheriting real estate assets and formulate the optimal strategy by taking risks into consideration.

    Please feel free to contact us.

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